Toilet paper is offered for free. Why aren’t period products?


100% organic cotton tampons and pads

Delivered every month based on your number of employees and visitors

For every 20 products, we donate 1 menstruationcup to people who lack access to menstrual products.

Show that you care.

No one should have to sneak to the restroom with a tampon up their sleeve.

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" shares our values of diversity and equity and sustainability. Thanks to monthly we now show that we care to our customers and staff."

Gert van Laar (Schoonmaakbedrijf van Laar Group)

"One thing I have noticed since installing product dispensers is that our colleagues are using less products than I initialy estimated. Providing menstrual pads and tampons free of charge is just the right thing to do."

Helen van den Brink (Frownies)

"At first, I was a bit sceptic about making period products freely available. One of my employees convinced me and now I'm wondering why we didn't do this before. Toilet paper is also freely available. We received lots of positive feedback from our employees."

Joop Scheer (Midmid)

Met Monthly hoeft niemand met een tampon in de mouw naar het toilet te sluipen.

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86% menstruators started their period unexpectedly in public without the supplies they need.

57% felt embarrassed.

64% menstruators went home immediately to get period products after getting their period at work.

43% felt stressed.