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Founder Linda (34): He thought it was dirty, my stash of tampons in the toilet. I was 23 and living with a man for the first time, apart from my father. So when my (now ex-) boyfriend asked me to remove 'those things', I thought it was normal. I thought men were supposed to find that disgusting.

When I had my period, I dutifully took my handbag to the toilet for a tampon or sanitary towel. I kept my stash in a drawer, hidden. 
I can't believe I thought that was normal at the time. That I accepted the taboo on menstruation and the products that come with it. More than half of the world's population menstruates, it means that you are healthy and that your body is doing well.

I give everyone the freedom to go to the toilet without thinking and find what you need there: 100% organic cotton tampons and sanitary towels.



On a mission: menstruatieproducten voor iedereen toegankelijk maken.


Ton en Joop

Deze heren zorgen ervoor dat alle dispensers kaarsrecht op jouw toilet komen te hangen.

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Kom ook bij ons werken!

Vind jij het ook raar dat toiletpapier vrij verkrijgbaar is, maar tampons en maandverband niet? Kom bij ons werken en draag bij aan het toegankelijk maken van menstruatieproducten voor iedereen.

Op dit moment zoeken we een stagiair content creatie.

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