Waarom iedereen toegang moet hebben tot menstruatieproducten

Why everyone should have access to menstrual products

Getting your period is an important aspect of life. It is a sign that someone is able to become pregnant, and is therefore also linked to life. It's a monthly process, which is just part of it! Everyone experiences menstruation differently, some people suffer from a lot of blood loss, others have no problems at all. One person has a period of 2 days, the other one of a week.

Why everyone should have access to menstrual products

Everyone should have access to menstrual products because they are essential hygiene products necessary to perform daily activities during menstruation. Without access to these products, women would have no hygienic ways to manage blood loss, which can lead to discomfort, health problems and social isolation. In addition, access to menstrual products is also of great importance for women's education, employment and social participation, making broader access to menstrual products an important step towards gender equality and women's empowerment.

Menstrual poverty

In the Netherlands, 1 in 10 women has not had access to menstrual products. That's 10%! The financial situation should absolutely not stand in the way of something so natural. Not having access to menstrual products can lead to great discomfort, which may cause a woman to be afraid to go out and therefore miss important appointments or tests. No fewer than 20% of Dutch students indicated that they stayed home during their period, and 45% of Dutch people have reported being sick during their period.

Shame and discomfort

More than 80% of menstruators have had their period unexpectedly without having menstrual products at hand. This can of course cause enormous inconveniences. One may be embarrassed to ask for products from a colleague, or go home due to leakage.

It is important that menstrual products are available where they are needed: in the toilet. Menstruation is a biological process and can take us by surprise, so we cannot always be prepared for it. Money should not get in the way of helping a natural process that is, literally, a huge part of our lives.

Join us!

With monthly products you can participate in this movement by making menstrual products available in your toilets. In addition, 1 in 10 products is donated to someone living in period poverty. So the cycle, er circle, is complete again.

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