Jurgen's verhaal: menstruatieproducten in een bedrijf met voornamelijk mannelijke collega's

Jurgen's story: menstrual products in a company with mainly male colleagues

“As an owner of an IT company, I always strive for ways to create a better working environment for my team. We recently moved into a new location with numerous modern amenities, such as a pool table, spacious work spaces, a pumping room, relaxation room, a swimming pool, a fitness room, an extensive garden, and several kitchens. In addition, I made another decision that had a positive impact on our company.

TechFusion Solutions is focused on technology and innovation and has always been at the forefront in terms of technological advancement. But there was one aspect I became aware of that we could improve: the sanitation of the office. During the renovation of the new building, we decided to opt for gender-neutral toilets, even though 90% of our company consists of male colleagues. In addition, I decided to make free menstrual products available to everyone in the toilets of our company. While it may not have seemed relevant at first to men on our team, I quickly noticed the impact of this decision.

One of our younger male employees, Alex, told me he was very grateful for the availability of these menstrual products. Although he did not use tampons or sanitary towels himself, it had led to a nice and open conversation on several occasions with his female colleagues, who greatly appreciated the initiative.

The positive impact was twofold. First, it created an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation within our team. It strengthened team spirit and created a healthier working environment.

Second, we found it was also attractive to applicants, especially those with a strong emphasis on inclusivity. In job interviews, candidates often told us that our unusual move was a sign of a modern and progressive company that took into account the needs of all its employees.

So, what started as an unusual idea turned into a positive connection between our employees. It has brought our team together and made our company more attractive to potential employees who strive for an inclusive and caring work environment.

Our decision to offer free menstrual products has not only helped us differentiate ourselves, but has also contributed to a more positive and hygienic work environment for our entire team. It's an example of how unconventional steps can sometimes be the most valuable."

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