Sacha's succesverhaal: het aantrekken van nieuw talent door het aanbieden van gratis menstruatieproducten.

Sacha's success story: attracting new talent by offering free menstrual products.

"As the owner of advertising agency Lumina, I was always looking for ways to improve the well-being of my employees and at the same time increase the attractiveness of my company for new talent. A few years ago I decided to take a relatively simple measure: offering free menstrual products in the office toilets. What started as a small step has now had a significant positive impact on my business.

It all started with a conversation during a team meeting. One of my co-workers brought it up and asked if it was possible to make tampons and sanitary towels available in the workplace. She indicated that this would remove a lot of stress and discomfort during busy working days. It was a simple request, but it opened my eyes to the challenges many women face.

I decided to listen to her suggestion and we placed some packaged menstrual products in the restrooms of our office, and we announced this to all our employees. The reactions were great. Many of our colleagues appreciated the initiative and felt supported.

But the most striking thing was the effect on attracting new talent. Our company has always been committed to diversity and inclusion, and offering free menstrual products fit seamlessly into this commitment to equality. We quickly noticed that applicants appreciated this gesture. In job interviews, I regularly heard how this initiative of ours made a positive difference when candidates had spotted menstrual products in the toilet before the interview.

A great moment was when we hired a highly skilled young female strategist. She told us that our free menstrual products initiative was one of the reasons she chose our company. She said this gesture showed that we cared about the well-being of our employees and were truly committed to inclusivity.

Over time, we also began to notice that the overall satisfaction of our employees had increased. There was less stress and more openness about health-related issues, leading to a healthier and more positive work environment.

All in all, I'm proud to say that offering free menstrual products has been a smart investment for my business. It has not only helped us attract new talent, but also increased the satisfaction of our current employees. It's a win-win situation and I would highly recommend it to others. It grows your business while also having a positive impact on the community.

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