Waarom werknemers blij zijn met gratis tampons en maandverband op het werk

Why employees are happy with free tampons and sanitary towels at work

At work, people should be happy and comfortable, right? Offering free tampons and pads in the workplace restroom is a great way to achieve this. Five reasons why employees appreciate this so much:

1. Because women are half of the workers: Nearly half of the people working are women. It's only fair to take care of them, right?

2. Because menstruation is very normal: Everyone knows that women go through this natural phase every month. It's nothing to be ashamed of. By offering free menstrual products, employers show that they understand that this is part of life.

3. Because it makes life more comfortable: Menstruation can be quite uncomfortable. Having free tampons and pads at work means women don't have to worry about forgetting their own supply or feeling uncomfortable. That makes life a lot easier!

4. Because it increases productivity: When you don't have to worry about your period, you can concentrate better on your work. So, free menstrual products can help you get more done. Moreover, you don't have to go home if you accidentally leak.

5. Because employers show they care: When your employer offers free tampons and pads, they show they care. This makes the atmosphere at work much nicer and you feel more involved in the company.

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