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Why is toilet paper freely available but tampons and sanitary towels are not? And why does 1 in 10 people still not have access to menstrual products?

With Monthly, no one has to sneak to the toilet with a tampon in their sleeve. offers companies and organizations a subscription form that allows them to receive the number of products they need every month for the number of employees and/or customers. These products are placed in sanitary facilities using dispensers. All our products are free of toxins and plastic: menstrual products are good for people and our planet.

A number of figures at a glance:

  • 86% of menstruators started menstruating without having products at hand. 57% felt ashamed.
  • 64% of menstruators have gone home because their period started at work without having any products on hand. 43% became stressed by this.
  • 30% less absenteeism at companies that take menstruation into account in the workplace.

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